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Our programs emphasize the importance of self-expression through
vulnerability, creativity, inclusion, and connection.

Our Mission

Perfectly Afflicted is a nonprofit organization co-founded in 2015 by Musician/
Transformational Speaker, Chris Hendricks and Graphic Designer/Air Force
Veteran, Jeff Lawson. We are dedicated to helping young people rediscover
individual self-worth and value through what we like to call social emotional
empowerment – after all, today’s youth are tomorrow’s future.

working with schools and other organizations

Speaking Engagements

Prepare to be captivated and moved by a truly unique experience. Hear
deeply personal stories of overcoming adversity and struggle and learn the
value of pushing through life’s roadblocks.

Chris Hendricks

Messages With Music

A blend of modern indie pop music combined with positive messaging will
transport you into a world of creativity and unlimited possibility

Inclusion Workshops

What does inclusion mean to you? Can we be more inclusive as a society?
Our program explores these ideas through interactive exercises designed
to open your mind and heart while embracing diversity and celebrating

Chris Hendricks

Song Writing Workshops

Have you ever wanted to write your own song? Our interactive workshop will teach you the value of creativity and collaboration through the art of song writing.

a few of our incredible sponsors

Durham Public Schools

Durham Public Schools

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“Children can change the world”

– Jane Goodall

a new approach to
fundraising for your organization

Positive Impac-tees

Let’s face it, everyone has a favorite t-shirt. Why not have a new favorite that not only has meaning, but will raise funds for your cause or organization? Whether it’s one of our designs, or your custom creation, you’re sure to make an impact.

Our program has no upfront costs and is designed to be fun and inclusive for everyone involved.

Concert for a Cause

Nothing brings people together like live music and there’s no better way to raise funds for your cause or organization than a live concert. You can select a live venue, or even have it in the comfort of your own home. Full band or acoustic – cover tunes or original songs.

Together, we can make an impact and have a great time doing it.

what people are saying
about perfectly afflicted

Dr. Nellie P. Aspel

Director of Exceptional Children’s Services Cleveland County Schools

“Each time Chris visits our school system, I am overwhelmed with the intensity of the positive comments I receive from everyone with whom he interacts. I believe that the investment I have made in using Chris Hendricks to teach our staff about empathy, to educate our students about the harms of bullying and to help some of our most challenging students to experience hope through songwriting, has been some of the best money I have ever spent.”

Barry Bryant

Executive Director HopeLine

“We are so excited that we met Jeff and Chris and became working partners with Perfectly Afflicted. They are the best kind of partner because they are truly altruistic and passionate and they sincerely want to help you reach your goals. They have proven to be very supportive to us in helping us attain vital resources that we need. We look forward to working with them on an upcoming fundraiser and for years to come.”

Jeffrey Slater

Chief Listening Officer The Marketing Sage Consulting

“Chris’ life story is like a beautiful ballad that has fluid movement, graceful moments and inspiring emotions. He is an artist, an inspirational speaker and believes passionately in sharing his message of loving kindness, hope and the value of each and every person’s life. I am so blessed and honored to have worked with Chris as he provided an inspirational speech and concert to a professional marketing audience
who had an interest in understanding how to blend meaning and purpose in their lives. Chris is a stunning example of being truly human.”

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