Our Mission

Who are we?

Perfectly Afflicted is a nonprofit organization co-founded in 2015 by Musician/
Transformational Speaker, Chris Hendricks and Graphic Designer/Air Force
Veteran, Jeff Lawson. We are dedicated to helping young people rediscover
individual self-worth and value through what we like to call social emotional
empowerment – after all, today’s youth are tomorrow’s future.

What is Social Emotional Empowerment?

Regardless of who you are, or where you’re from, everyone has an affliction.
Thankfully, we are also perfectly made to overcome life’s challenges.
We believe that by encouraging others to embrace what makes them unique
and different, we can provide them with the tools to make it through the
darkness and into a purpose-driven life. We do this by celebrating individuality
while emphasizing the importance of community.

Who is it for?

Although originally created for the preteen to young adult segment, we’ve
expanded our program offerings to include elementary students, educational
professionals, as well as the college sector and beyond. Our engagements
consist of real-life stories, and often music, designed to help everyone
understand that they matter regardless of their circumstances. There is
tremendous value in standing out while at the same time realizing that our
struggles help bring us together.

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